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New Years Eve 2023/2024

Create a New Adventure

Step into a realm of fantasy and enchantment, where tales of old come alive and dreams intertwine with reality.

As we bid farewell to 2023, open the door to the mesmerising world of StoryVille.

Once you step inside, reality fades, and a whimsical Wonderland awaits.

Lose yourself in an environment where each moment sparkles with promise and magic. A place where joyous revelry knows no bounds, and the allure of the night is only limited by the canvas of your imagination!


Channeling the spirit of The Great Gatsby, we're reminded:


"A little party never killed nobody."



Let's Celebrate!

Looking for the perfect venue for your party? StoryVille is the answer. A uniquely themed cocktail bar and nightclub, catering for large parties with a variety of beverage and food packages to suit. From corporate functions to more intimate groups we make any celebration memorable!


Fancy a Cocktail?

Whatever your fancy StoryVille has a unique tipple to tickle your taste buds. Carefully curated by our team of mixologists our signature cocktails are inspired by fictional drinks from famous literature and by famous literature itself… at StoryVille, life really does imitate art.


Events & Classes

Live comedy, light shows, cocktail masterclasses and close up magic are just some of the changing events at StoryVille this year.

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