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StoryTime Wednesdays

Main character energy can go either way, and on Wednesdays, we go Wicked!!


Even heroes have a night off, so let your wicked side run wild and your freak flag fly, in a little mid week reprieve from saving the world.

When it comes to the fight between good and evil, sometimes losing is winning. ​


Come Thursday morning, if you’re not legless and you’ve lost your voice, check first that you didn’t sell it to an evil sea witch... and best leave those dalmatians at home. 

Sign up to the Guest-List for a complimentary shot on arrival. 



Let's Celebrate!

Looking for the perfect venue for your party? StoryVille is the answer. A uniquely themed cocktail bar and nightclub, catering for large parties with a variety of beverage and food packages to suit. From corporate functions to more intimate groups we make any celebration memorable!


Fancy a Cocktail?

Whatever your fancy StoryVille has a unique tipple to tickle your taste buds. Carefully curated by our team of mixologists our signature cocktails are inspired by fictional drinks from famous literature and by famous literature itself… at StoryVille, life really does imitate art.


Events & Classes

Live comedy, light shows, cocktail masterclasses and close up magic are just some of the changing events at StoryVille this year.

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